VACOLAO’s 2021 Legislative Agenda – Virginia General Assembly

FINANCIAL AID FOR ELEGIBLE IN-STATE TUITION STUDENTS REGARLESS OF THEIR LEGAL STATUS (SB 1387 – Senator Boysko and Hashmi. HB 2123, Delegate Lopez. Provides that students who meet the criteria in the Code of Virginia that determines eligibility for in-state tuition regardless of their citizenship or immigration status shall also be deemed to be domiciled in the Commonwealth. The bill also provides that all such students shall be afforded the same educational benefits, including access to state financial assistance programs, as any other individual who is eligible for in-state tuition. The bill has a delayed effective date of August 1, 2022 and directs the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia, in coordination with institutions of higher education in the Commonwealth, to promulgate regulations to implement the provisions of the bill.

PROTECT PRIVACY INFORMATION OF DPC Beneficiaries. (HB 2163 – Delegate Tran) Department of Motor Vehicles; privileged information. Limits the release of Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) privileged information to government entities and law-enforcement agencies for the purpose of civil immigration enforcement unless (i) the subject of the information provides consent or (ii) the requesting agency presents a lawful judicial order, judicial subpoena, or judicial warrant. The bill requires the DMV to notify the subject of the request that such a request was made and the identity of the entity that made the request. The bill requires any entity receiving privileged information from the DMV to enter into a written agreement with the DMV prior to such release of such information and prohibits any entity from rereleasing any such DMV information to any third party unless explicitly permitted to do so in the entity’s agreement with the DMV. The bill contains requirements for any such written agreement between the DMV and the Department of State Police.

IDENTIFICATION PRIVILEDGE CARD (HB2138 – Delegate Guzman) . Authorizes the Department of Motor Vehicles to issue identification privilege cards to applicants who do not meet the citizenship or legal presence requirements for a special identification card or a limited-duration special identification card and have reported income from Virginia sources or been claimed as a dependent on an individual tax return filed with the Commonwealth in the preceding 12 months. The bill provides that identification privilege cards shall be treated as special identification cards unless otherwise provided in the Code of Virginia. The bill limits the release of certain information stored by the Department. The bill has a delayed effective date of January 1, 2022.

To see full agenda, please click HERE. This list will be updated according to the bills that VACOLAO will be approving:

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