Fasting for DAPA Chain and Immigrant Trail

Fasting for DAPA Chain

Fasting for DAPA Chain - Cadena de Ayuno por DAPA - US Supreme Court

Fasting for DAPA Chain - Cadena de Ayuno por DAPA - US Supreme Court

Come join the FASTING FOR DAPA CHAIN that has been launched to recognize the millions of lives the will be effected by the Supreme Court’s decision in United States v. Texas that concerns the Obama Administration’s Executive Orders for administrative relief (DAPA/DACA Extended).

The Chain begins on Monday, March 14, 2016 and will run at least until April 18th, 2016 when oral arguments in that case are scheduled to be held at the Court.



  1. Pick a date between March 14th and April 18th to fast. To select date, please click HERE
  2. Create a sign with the word FASTING FOR DAPA CHAIN and the date of your fast
  3. Take a picture of yourself with the sign: "I am Fasting for DAPA" #FastingForDAPAChain
  4. Post the photo to your social media sites. Please make sure to use hashtag #FastingForDapaChain #FastingForDapa
  5. Come add your voice to this important call for justice that could improve the lives of millions of hard working immigrants and their families!

For more information, contact Andrea Delgadillo at [email protected]  415-571-9715

To select date, please click HERE

Immigrant Trails

immigrant trailVACOLAO will initiate a silent protest, Rastros De Inmigrantes, every Friday starting March 25, 2016 through April 15, 2016 from 10:00 am to 12:00pm. This silent protest is focused on the upcoming hearing for DAPA in the Supreme Court, United States vs. Texas

Your collaborations are crucial and together we can make a change!

Our Plan:

The silent protest will be based on collecting at least 200 pair of old shoes, and along with an US flag attached to each shoe. The old shoes will symbolize the harsh trail Immigrants walk through towards the American Dream.  We will be making a trail towards the Supreme Court every Friday starting March 25, 2016 until the hearing date.  We strongly encourage your donations or collaboration for this cause.

How you can help?

  1. Collect as many shoes possible, which represent or remind you of your journey coming to the US.  (tennis shoes, boots sneakers, etc.)
  2. When you have gathered as many shoes possible please contact Edgar Aranda at Phone: (703-772-1555) email: [email protected] or Kathleen Ochoa email: [email protected] in order to pick up your shoes.
  3. Another option will be delivering the shoes at the following location 6066 Leesburg Pike, Falls Church VA 22041
  4. Must have your shoes by March 17, 2016 immigrant trail 2