Fasting in support of immigration reform

Edgar Aranda, the Chair of the Virginia Coalition of Latino Organization (VACOLAO) and Dan Choi, President of the Coalition of Asia Pacific Americans of Virginia (CAPAVA) began fasting today in solidarity with those fasting for immigration reform for the past twenty-two days. Their sacrifice underscores the urgency of the need for reform without which thousands of immigrants will be left to live in the shadows or risk being deported and having their families torn apart. The time for action is now. The Senate has already acted and passed bipartisan legislation. It is long past time for the House to follow suit and pass legislation to finally fix our broken immigration system.

Please send your voice to this effort and let Speaker Boehner know that the House must vote on a commonsense immigration bill that provides a path to citizenship by calling 866-691-9212

Post by VACOLAO – Virginia Coalition of Latino Organizations.

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