Updates from VA General Assembly and other important events

Updates from VA General Assembly, VA Immigrant Advocacy Day (snow day make-up)

 In-state tuition for DACA Holders (VA Dream Act)

Senate Committee on Education and Health Hearing:

On Thursday the 23rd, SB249 (McEachin) was defeated on a party line vote – (YEAS (6) —Saslaw (D), Lucas (D) , Howell (D), Locke (D) , Barker (D), Miller (D); NAYS (7) –Martin (R) , Newman (R) , Smith (R) , McWaters (R), Black (R), Carrico (R), Garrett (R).

For media coverage, please click HERE.  To see the Senate on Education and Health Committee website please click HERE.  We will continue working to revive this issue in the Senate.

House Education Committee’s Subcommittee on Higher Education Hearing:

ACTION NEEDED: On Tuesday, January 28th at 4:00 p.m., the House Education Committee’s subcommittee on Higher Education will be addressing HB 88 (Lopez -D), HB59 (Kory-D) and HB 747 (Rust – R). The Subcommittee meeting will be held in the 8th Floor West Conference Room of the Virginia General Assembly Building. We need people to pack the room and come out and testify in favor of these bills. If you would like to coordinate talking points and actions for this hearing, please contact us at vacolao@gmail.com or call us at 703-772-1555.

Combating Notary Fraud

 On Monday the 20th , HB804 (Lopez- D) was tabled by the House Courts Subcommittee.  However, HB492 (Albo-R) was reported out of subcommittee with amendments (9-Y 0-N).  A similar bill, SB503 (Ebbin -D) will be heard soon by the Senate Courts of Justice Subcommittee – Civil soon.

Voter identification; reasonable match of identification and pollbook name:

HB564 (Watts). Failed in the subcommittee. It is dead for this year.

Medicaid Expansion:

 VACOLAO is a member of the Health Care for All Virginians and advocating for covering health insurance for all Virginians. We will keep you update of the upcoming activities.

 Upcoming Events

VA Immigrant Advocacy Day – Snow Day Make-up: VACOLAO will hold its VA Immigrant Advocacy Day (snow day make-up) on Friday, January 31 at the Virginia General Assembly Building in Richmond from 8:30 to 2:00 p/m. For registration please click HERE.

Weekly Conference Call: On Tuesday, January 28th at 12:15 p.m. VACOLAO is organizing its WEEKLY STRATEGY CONFERENCE CALL. This is a weekly conference call exclusively for advocates who support immigrant rights for Virginians. It is closed to the media and off the record. If you have not sent us a request for the conference call number, you can do it until Tuesday morning before the conference call.

Edgar Aranda-Yanoc, Chair of VACOLAO


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