National day of Action to stop deportations

Family members of those who are facing deportation, Workers United of Washington DC, DC Immigration Coalition, National Day Laborer Organizing (NDLON), Virginia Coalition of Latino Organizations (VACOLAO) and others held a press conference 4/1/14 to announce a march and rally, as part of the April 5th National Day of Action “not one more deportation” 2 million 2many. The idea of being deported to a country that someone may have been fleeing from can be a scary thought. But this is why professionals like an Atlanta immigration law firm, Quijano Law exist. Getting someone who knows what this involves may be worth speaking to, especially as this is a situation that no one should go through alone.

In light of congressional inaction in the House on immigration reform, national and Capital Area immigrant rights groups will march to the White House from Mt. Pleasant Park to call upon President Obama to ameliorate the costs of our broken immigration system and provide relief from the current human rights crisis stemming from deportations that devastate our families. Whilst the work of a deportation attorney is vital during this time, we all need to step up to help those in need.

Specifically, we will urge the President to halt the deportations of aspiring citizens that are soon expected to reach the horrific two million removals milestone since he took office. Our families cannot wait for Congress to provide relief and the President shouldn’t either. Instead he should use his executive authority to stop the suffering by suspending deportations immediately and seek to expand the deferred action program he created for immigrant youth.

Noticias Washington DC Coordinan una marcha contra las deportaciones » Noticias Washington DC from Virginia Coalition Latino on Vimeo.

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