Meeting with Ralph Northam, Governor of Virginia

SOBRE LA CAMPAÑA DE LA LICENCIA DE CONDUCIR: REUNIÓN CON EL GOBERNADOR DE VIRGINIA RALPH NORTHAM. El mes pasado, gracias a Walter Tejada, Presidente de Virginia Latinos Leaders Council , y su Director Ejecutivo Andres Tobar, fuimos invitado a una reunión con el gobernador de Virginia para tratar varios temas que impactas a nuestra comunidad […]

VACOLAO’s 2019 Legislative Priorities – Results

ANTI-IMMIGRANT BILLS THAT WERE VETOED BY THE GOVERNOR OF VIRGINIA RALPH NORTHAM Bill imposing restrictions on localities that welcome immigrants  VACOLAO opposed SB 1156 introduced by Senator Richard Black that sought to prohibit localities from adopting any ordinance, procedure, or policy that restricts the enforcement of federal immigration laws. This was an unnecessary message bill […]

VACOLAO’s Legislative Priorities – 2019 VA General Assembly

Tuesday February 5th was “crossover” day in the Virginia General Assembly when bills passed in the House of Delegates move to the Senate for  consideration and vice versa. Bills that did not pass either house are dead for the current session. Most of the bills that VACOLAO supports this year did not pass.  They were […]