Updates from VA General Assembly and other important events

Updates from VA General Assembly, VA Immigrant Advocacy Day (snow day make-up)  In-state tuition for DACA Holders (VA Dream Act) Senate Committee on Education and Health Hearing: On Thursday the 23rd, SB249 (McEachin) was defeated on a party line vote – (YEAS (6) —Saslaw (D), Lucas (D) , Howell (D), Locke (D) , Barker (D), […]

2014 Virginia Immigrant Advocacy Day

On Tuesday, January 21st, despite dire weather reports of heavy snow and fierce winds, several hearty soles braved the elements to attend VACOLAO’s Immigrant Advocacy Day and meet with our elected state representatives to advocate for several bills that favor the rights of immigrants residing in the Commonwealth. VACOLAO is planning a second advocacy day […]

Winter Weather Info For the 2014 Immigrant Advocacy Day

Dear Advocacy Day participants, As you know, a snow storm is heading for Virginia tomorrow. We are watching the weather reports and have decided that although our event will take place tomorrow as scheduled, we will no longer be providing a bus leaving from Arlington. We apologize for the inconvenience.  For those able to make it to Richmond tomorrow, we will […]

Presion en Virginia (El Tiempo Latino)

VACOLAO was featured on the front page of El Tiempo Latino for our work fighting for immigrant rights in Virginia. http://eltiempolatino.com/news/2014/jan/17/presion-en-virginia/ “En años anteriores siempre hemos estado a la defensiva, tratando de frenar leyes que hubieran perjudicado a nuestra población. Ahora estamos en una buena posición, impulsando propuestas proactivas”, expresó el martes 14 Leni González, […]